In his PostEverything post the other day, Daniel Drezner argued against conventional wisdom, stating that global supply chains are fine. A year ago, we were all worried about toilet paper. More recently, the world watched as the ginormous container ship the Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal and now the world auto industry is slowed due to a shortage of $2 semiconductors.

Obligatory pic of shipping containers whenever supply chains are mentioned — with bonus snark.

Drezner, persuasively argues that none of this is that big of a deal. We survived the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 with just a bit of chafing. The Suez Canal blockage made for great memes…

Aaron Mannes

AAAS Policy Fellow, formerly @UMIACS (specializing in international security), did a PhD on vice presidents, interested in a lot of stuff

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