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  • John Dickerson

    John Dickerson

    AI, ML, & Economics. Assistant Professor at Maryland (cs.umd.edu) | Chief Scientist at ArthurAI (arthur.ai) | CMU CS alumnus (cs.cmu.edu).

  • Woodrow Hartzog

    Woodrow Hartzog

    Professor of Law and Computer Science at Northeastern University School of Law and Khoury College of Computer Sciences.

  • Reihan Salam

    Reihan Salam

  • Faine Greenwood

    Faine Greenwood

    researches drone technology in humanitarian aid, writes about tech, drones, mapping, aid, and politics, draws weird pictures sometimes

  • Eli Lake

    Eli Lake

    Columnist for @BV, Official/Unofficial political correspondent for @iamrapaport, cat dad.

  • Rosie Gray

    Rosie Gray

    White House correspondent for @TheAtlantic. email = rosie@theatlantic.com

  • Zora Nay Hurston

    Zora Nay Hurston

    🇬🇭 Immigrant who studies American politics and policy. It's a love/hate relationship. #UAlbany ΦAΔ #GoodTrouble #WineAuntie

  • Calvin Coolidge

    Calvin Coolidge

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